Samplers Forever Inspirations

From the original Samplers, or just designed by me, sweet Inspirations for every kind of cross stitchers. 

Sarah Dodson 1782 Ornaments

This sweet ornaments come from a lovely sampler stitched in 1782, part of my private collection and charted, called "Sarah Dodson", available on my Etsy too.
The original sampler isn't a Christmas one, but the motifs stitched by Sarah are perfect to give a little accent to one of the most wonderful days we love to celebrate. I changed few colors, to give the right tone to each design, adding some letters to complete the final result.
No special stitches needed, excepted few little stitches and a couple of smyrna stitches 2x2, and what it takes is just a little fantasy to finish them as little pllows or, like I did, as round pinkeep ornaments.

$ 7.00

Caroline Rose Pink Little Garden kit


This lovely design is made starting from an early 19th century English sampler, part of my private collection and charted, called "Caroline Rose Pink 1821", available on Etsy. The original sampler has no letters of alphabets, but lovely animals and parrots, vases and flowers and a superb Tree of Life: that's why I created this little sample of her "garden", adding just few letters and numbers to complete it. No special stitches needed.
The model is stitched and mounted on a wooden frame with no glass to enhance the final effect, but you can use it as a pincushion motif or to add some accents to a work bag.

$ 7.00